Yahoo Mail Not Working On Iphone or IOS 12
by Jhonny May 28, 2019

Check out the fixes for Yahoo Mail not working on Iphone or IOS 12

Yahoo Mail is a Yahoo product which is among the popular email services on the internet. It serves its users with a number of services such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo news, yahoo sports, etc.

Although Yahoo is among the best service providers but users might face some issues while using Yahoo Mail on the iPhone. A very common issue in this case is Yahoo Mail not working in iOS. For any issue, the users can contact the support centre for help and the best solutions for the issue will be provided. In order to fix the issue of Yahoo Mail which is not working on iPhone, the below mentioned steps can be tried:

  • Fix 1:  Sign-in and out of the email account

  1. If the user is unable to receive the emails in the inbox, then they can try signing-out and again signing-in after few seconds.

  2. For this, the user is required to visit the Yahoo Mail and then sign-out of the account.

  3. Then, open Yahoo mail using the ID/username and password for the account.


  • Fix 2: Delete and re-add Yahoo account on iPhone

  1. In order to resolve the issue, the user can try deleting the Yahoo Mail from the iPhone and re-add after some time.

  2. For this, the first step is to open the account settings and enter the accounts & passwords.

  3. Tap on the Yahoo account which is causing the issue and delete it.

  4. Next step is going to Accounts & passwords settings again.

  5. Then, Add account option is tapped and Yahoo is chosen.

  6. Finally, the user needs to enter the email address of the account and password to Sign-in. The emails on the iPhone can now be read.


  • Fix 3: Cellular data enabled

Yahoo mail might not be working due to Wi-Fi not working. The cellular data might help in this. This option could be found in the Settings, then Cellular is tapped and then the mail app is toggled.


  • Fix 4: Updated version of iOS

The older versions of iOS always have a bug that is why the updated version is required in the iPhone. The user needs to click on Settings, then General and then Software update option.


  • Fix 5: SMTP server

  1. The SMTP server needs to be checked as it might be causing the issue. In order to set the SMTP server, below listed steps are followed:

  2. Go to the settings option and then tap Accounts & Passwords.

  3. Then, Yahoo-> Account-> Outgoing Mail Server SMTP -> Other SMTP servers.

  4. The hostname there is Then, the name and password are entered.

  5. The port number should be 465 or 587 and SSL should be toggled to Yes.


  • Fix 6: Yahoo Mail app

  1. To download the Yahoo app on iPhone, the user needs to open the App store and search for Yahoo mail.

  2. The app is located and installed on the iPhone.

  3. By signing-in to the yahoo account, the emails can be read.

  4. The user can try all these fixes for the issue of Yahoo account not working on iPhone.


For any issue or query, the technical support of Yahoo can be contacted. They will serve the users with the best possible assistance using skills and knowledge. They can be contacted through call, emails or live chat. The technical executives can be reached by using the contact info mentioned on the Yahoo’s official page.