What To Do If Your Computer Wont Connect To Wifi?
by Steeve Mark Feb 15, 2019

What To Do If Your Computer Won't Connect To WIFI?

Ever since Wifi has been introduced, people cannot think of their lives without it. With the most prominent internet connection made to be connected with Wifi, made easy for the users to not run to shops for internet connections.

 With newly introduced wifi services, this medium has helped users to get connected on the internet easily by sitting at one place. And seeing to the increased use of wifi, several telecommunications company also started their business of providing the network with that too at affordable prices. Many companies also introduced new options and services to attract customers.

 And off lately you are facing the issue of the computer not connected to wifi then there might be some issues and reasons that are leading to this problem. And before you need to fix the issue, you are advised to know the reason behind the cause of the problem.

 Reasons that May Cause Wifi Not Working in Computer

If your windows computer is facing the issue of the internet not working then one does not need to worry. As windows are not left behind in fixing the issue automatically. However, this is for your information that for all internet related problems, it is not necessary that computer has the issue. Many other factors are also responsible when the issue of Computer not connecting to Wifi issue arises. Let us first study the reasons that cause this problem.

  1.  If the user is working on a laptop then it might be that it’s wifi button is switched off.
  2. One of the factors can be a short range of internet or laptop has been placed out of range.
  3. Also, the wifi has come out from the modem and as a result, wifi is on but no internet can pass through. 

Troubleshooting Ways for Wifi Not Working in Computer

To fix the issue of the computer not connecting to wifi, here are the solutions for it.

  1.  Keep the laptop in the place which has a strong internet connection.
  2. Make sure that wifi button is turned on from the laptop.
  3. Also, check the password. If by any chance password has been changed and as a result, the internet stops working.

Seeking Assistance? Get in Touch with Network Service Provider

The user can even contact the network service provider in case your issue does not gets resolves by the above-mentioned steps. There could be some issue from the service provider’s end.    

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