How to Fix No Internet Access or Connection Error
by Tech Trenders Nov 20, 2018
No Internet Access Error

Method To Fix No Internet Access Error

Wifi is a wireless networking technology for radio wireless local area networking of devices.It allows wireless connection for up to 2o meters.

Steps to Fix Wifi Connection-

If the user is connected to wifi but internet is not working,then there is chance user has the problem with his modem.He should also check the ADSL cable,if it’s broken and twisted.

First user needs to look in router and if the device is having issue.

Here, are some solutions listed below if there is no internet access error-

  • Restart Device-

User should turn off both router and modem and wait for few seconds and restart again the device.This reboot process can solve a many internet issues and software problems.

Also user needs to restart the device to ensure things are clean.After resetting process,user can try again to connect to the wifi.

  • Check Modem Light-

It is possible that there is an internet connection issue not your device issue.User need to check the “internet light” to make sure internet is working.If user doesn’t know how to check the lights,then he can contact the ISP customer care service.User can get the info about internet error.

  • Use built-in Troubleshooter-

There is a chance user have problem with the wifi adapter in his device.User can fix this with built-in troubleshooter program that comes with windows and mac.

  • Remove DNS-

Sometimes when user thinks internet is not working,there is DNS cache conflict which can lead to not being able to access websites.Then user should remove the DNS to ensure it is not causing problem.

  • Change Wireless Mode on Router-

If user get internet access by connecting his computer to router via ethernet cable but not with the wifi ,then chances are there is a communication barrier between these two devices.To fix this - first login to the router dashboard and select “wireless mode” .

-Go to the drop-down menu and select 802.11b  then save changes.

-Restart the menu to check if its fix the problem.

After apply these solutions,if user still facing no internet access error ,then he should contact the customer care and talk to them via phone call to get help.