Scoot Airlines Cancellation Policy
by Emily Cooper Nov 01, 2019

Scoot Airlines Cancellation Policy

There is no guarantee that your request will be successful. However, if you are not offered a voucher, your flights will not be cancelled or modified in any way. Q: Does Scoot now allow cancellation and refund of tickets? A: There is no change to Scoot's cancellation and refund policy. Can I cancel my Scoot flight? No, unfortunately. Scoot tickets are non-cancellable and non-refundable. All refunds are subject to review by customer services and may be extended in the form of Scoot travel vouchers instead of refund in your bank account.

Is it possible to cancel flights and get a refund?

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, you can cancel a non-refundable ticket and receive a full refund of any airfare booked in the United States, without cancellation fees or penalties, as long as you booked your ticket seven days ahead of your flight and you do so within 24 hours of booking.
Is it safe to fly with Scoot?
That's like asking if flying is safe. Scoot can be very safe. They have qualified pilots and cabin crew. Scoot is a budget airline that cuts costs in air travel, but I am certain they do not cut corners on safety.

How Much is Scoot Flight Cancellation Fee?

There's no fee to change or cancel a flight ticketed within 24 hours as long as the reservation was made at least seven days prior to departure. United Airlines charges change fees of $200 for domestic flights and as much as $400 or more for international itineraries.

Does scoot weigh cabin baggage?

Economy Fares: All guests (adult and child) occupying their own seat are permitted to take up to 7kg of cabin baggage on board. Carry-on baggage/cabin baggage may consist of one (1) small bag or briefcase that does not exceed dimensions of 54cm (21.3in.)
Can I change flight date scoot?
Changes to destinations are not permitted. You will need to make a new booking, with the amount paid for the original booking forfeited. You can make changes online via Manage My Booking on, the Scoot mobile app, or through our Call Centre. Standard fees and charges will apply.
Can you bring food on Scoot?
Consumption of outside food and beverages is not allowed on board. Scoot reserves the right to change the menu without notice. If the meal you pre-ordered is not available, you will be served a delicious alternative. Meals are subject to availability on certain routes.

Do I have to Print Scoot Airlines Boarding Pass?

No, mobile check-in is not available for bookings with infant. This means you will have to check-in at the airport to be issued with a printed boarding pass.