What is New Reservation Policy of Spirit Airlines 2020
by Sofia Jonas Aug 24, 2020

What is New Reservation Policy of Spirit Airlines 2020

In view of the current pandemic situation, everything is moving at a slow pace in daily life either its running business or airline service. Spirit airlines updated new cancellation or change policies in the interest of the passengers.

So here find the updated spirit airlines new reservation policy to safeguard your money of travel that you spend on the flight booking.

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy due to COVID-19

In this vulnerable situation of a novel coronavirus, Spirit Airlines has revamped some changes in their cancellation policy. In the recent changes made, the airline comes out clean to waving off the cancellation fee against the flight booking that is scheduled till 31st July 2020. Apart from that, the airline offers you to get a full refund against the reservations you made as stated under the spirit airlines seating policy COVID

As an additional advantage, if the passenger cancels the reservation online, they will be provided with a $10 per one way or the maximum of $20 voucher which one can use toward future travel if the charges of flight booking count less than the cancellation charges.

Spirit Airlines cancellation policy 24-hours

Passengers who have already booked their flight with Spirit airlines reservation and looking to cancel their flight booking, they can use the 24-hour cancellation guideline by which passenger can easily claim for the full refund against their canceled reservations. 

  • It is clearly stated under the 24-hour cancellation provision, the passengers have access to cancel their flight booking from the actual purchase date of the flight ticket. 
  • Besides, the flight ticket you purchased booked should not be more than a week before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • These conditions are applicable to both the refundable and non-refundable tickets of the Spirit Airlines reservations.

Know the updated change and refund policy of Spirit airlines.

Changes in the flight booking can be made before the scheduled departure of the flight. Only some of the passengers are eligible for changes or cancellations without any cost.

  • In case the passenger made the changes of flight booking outside of 24 hours or if it counts for less than 7 days before you travel, any charges left will be issued in the form of a credit shell.
  • It is stated that Spirit airlines charge a $90 fee for changes to the paid bookings when the change is made online, Although the rates hike to $100 for the passengers who made changes over the phone call or at the airport. 
  • However, any changes to the group booking will get you back $50 per passenger.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service

Besides, above all the points, if required you can call directly to the spirit airlines customer service to get the immediate feedback or response. Apart from that, if you are in a hurry you can mail their concern to get instant feedback.