My Codeguard Backup Is Over Its Limit, What Should I Do
by Tech Trenders Sep 04, 2018
Codeguard Backup Is Over Its Limit

My Codeguard Backup Is Over Its Limit, What Should I Do?

Internet has provided us a lot of means to do things. There are plenty of things which we can do on the Internet which cannot be possible without the website. Website is the most critical part of the Internet. It is the one which is bringing back the traffic on the Internet. There are millions of website on the Internet with each having distinguish  features and services. But creating and hosting a website is not a easy process and understand the mechanism of building and hosting of a website. There are plenty of things required in order to host the website but the most important one is server. Server plays quite a critical role in hosting of the website. It is where all the information related to the website are stored. But with advancement of technology, the cost of putting a server is too much. That’s the reason they are moving towards the cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is  the newest method of hosting a website. It basically eliminates the need of physical server with virtual servers, which pulls their computing resource from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.  There are plenty of cloud hosting service providing company in the world. One such cloud hosting service providing company is Code Guard. Code Guard is one of the newest but leading cloud hosting providing service in the world. It helps to host multiple website on their cloud server. As these cloud server backup the data in case of any data manipulation or theft  in order to protect the customer data. But sometimes user does face problem one of the common problem user face is regarding My codeGuard backup is over limit and what can I do  to fix the problem. In order to do so, user needs to follow these simple procedures :

  • Make sure to login with your credentials on the Code Guard webstite.
  • Afterwards User needs to select the Account form the setting drop down menu top right.
  • Now scroll down to Backup Retention settings.
  • Further select the option from the list of preferences like 7 days- 14 days or 30 days and so forth.
  • As well as click on the Never remove old backups.
  • Now the user will see a new notification  popup saying that setting is saved and to allow 24 hours for old backups to be removed.