HP printer not connecting to computer and laptop
by Nick Madinson Nov 20, 2018
hp printer not connecting to computer

HP printer not connecting to computer and laptop

HP printer gives an affordable service with easy functionality to the users. still there are sort of problems that persist while using the printer. If you are facing connection problem related to your HP printer then before proceeding, you can try printing from multiple applications on your laptop or computer to verify that the problem is related to the printer connection rather than to the program as it is very important to know the cause of the problem before curing them.

HP printer not connecting to computer is a common issue faced by users while using a wired HP printer as it is manually connected by USB cables. 

Reason for printer not connecting to the pc system:

Connection error may arise due to a number of reasons that persist while establishing a connection between a system and the printer. Few of the reasons due to which HP printer not connecting to computer are: 

  • Improper connection
  • Obsolete system
  • Compatibility of the system
  • Inappropriate printer software 

Here is how to resolve the problem when HP Printer is not connecting to your laptop or computer:

If you are confronting connection problem related to your printer then it can be easily cured by following the given remedies:

  • Reboot and update Windows of your system: Sometimes connection issue arises if you are using an old version on Windows on your system. So you can try by updating Windows and can check the problem may already be fixed in the updated Windows.

To do so, you need to move your cursor to the top right corner of your screen and tap the Settings button. There, enter the Windows Update in the given search box and then tap on the Check for Updates option. Accept all Updates followed by rebooting your system. Once the laptop has fully rebooted, you can connect your printer's USB cable and perform the print job easily.

  • Install printer software: Sometimes, your device needs to install manufacturer-specific print software for the proper functioning of a print job. If your system does not have the required software then you need to install it or you can insert the CD or DVD that came with the printer and then you can proceed with the automated prompts to install the software.
  • Check the connections properly: If you are using a wired printer then it is very important to check the connection of USB cable properly. A loose connection may prohibit the response and alters the printing function. 

In case of HP printer not connecting to laptop, you can also avail assistance from HP customer service by dialing the helpline number. If the troubleshooting steps are not effective enough to eliminate the problem then in such a situation contacting the printer customer service is supposed to be the best alternative.