How to Unlock iPhone Without Password?
by Harry Brooks Aug 20, 2018
unlock iphone without password

Is It Easy To Open A Unlock iPhone Without Using Password

There are multiple situations when you get stuck with some emergency situations when you are not aware about the way to unlock iPhone without using password. This conditions can be arrived at occasions like if you changed the passcode frequently. The situation got worse if you forget the iphone passcode or there are some other reasons,maybe some individual from your family changed your passcode, or you have accidentally locked your iPhone.

It always happens that you enters the passcode to open the unlocked iPhone.After, you enter a incorrect password for at least ten times,a message will come to you as "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes".To recover from such type of situations, the only possible way is to unlock the locked iPhone is to restore it.Most of you can’t solve this issue on their own,it is required for you to go by the below suggested guidelines.

List of issues has been resolved yet. Here,you can find help to one which has been suggested to you:-

How To unlock iPhone without passcode or password?

This kind of issue can be resolved by using multiple techniques.Here,you can see some of them that has been shown to you:-

Unlock iPhone without using password by using iOS unlock Tool

  1. It is required for you to download dr.fone on the computer.Choose the option of “Unlock”.
  2. There is need to select the lightning cable or USB cable for connecting the iPhone to the computer.
  3. Now, the iPhone is activated by the help of dr.fone. Individual can see the “Unlock” window which would be displayed.Tap on the  “Start” for starting your work.
  4. By using the new window,there is need to follow the instructions to type the DFU mode.
  5. During this step, to unlock iPhone without passcode,the software like dr.fone will detect the iPhone information like the iOS version, device number along with generated code etc. You need to check the complete information again and proceed with the download option that will be displayed to you.
  6. After the firmware will be downloaded, the dr.fone will remove your passcode. Now, you should tap “Unlock Now” as it appears to you in the image below.It is required to do the confirmation of erasing operation as it will remove the phone data.
  7. However, within a certain time duration, your lock screen will removed from the iPhone and the device will reboot as a newly bought iPhone without having lock screen display.
  8. It can be easy for you to unlock iPhone without using passcode

Unlock iPhone without using password by using Find my phone

By using your own computer device or someone else's iOS device, it is required for you to go to, “Sign in” by using Apple credentials.

It is required for you to select the option “All Devices”. If you are able to see that “find my iPhone” is already activated in the respective device,you can see that your iPhone will be listed there, click on it. Select the option of “Erase iPhone” and it will delete all the data out of the iPhone as well as help you in the removal of the passcode. It will help you unlock iphone 5 without siri.

Unlock iPhone without using password by using iTunes

  • For resolving iPhone deactivation issue, try to connect to iTunes,you may even unlock the iPhone without passcode. Now, the iTunes will erase the data along with the passcode.
  • Now, you should connect iPhone to the computer where the iTunes is activated. Tap on “iTunes” and enter the passcode.
  • After the synchronization will get complete, the files will get back up.Tap on the “Restore data” and the device will restart again.
  • You may find the guidelines to unlock a disabled iPhone with iTunes.
  • It is required to see if the problem has been resolved easily or not

Unlock iPhone without using passcode by tricking Siri

If you want to activate the Siri feature on the iPhone device,tap and hold the “Home” button. This will instantly enable the Siri on your iPhone device.After it gets activated, it is easily respond to the user’s voice.You should prompt Siri to open the clock to improve how to unlock a locked iphone 6. After the clock displays on the iOS screen,you should touch it to go further.

Now, the World clock will display to you  with a list of tunes you will have to choose for the alarm clock.

By using that option, you can see a option as “buy more tunes” that directs you to go to the iTunes store.

Tap on the “Home” button due to which you can move to the phone main screen.

Now, it can be easy for you to access your iPhone without the passcode as siri helped to unlock your iPhone.