How to Unlock Apple ID Account Activation?
by Tech Trenders Sep 06, 2018
How to unlock Apple ID activation

How To Unlock Apple ID Activation?

Whether it is iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Apple Watch, the activation key is used to keep your device and your information safe. It might stay protected by Activation Lock if you erase your device without signing out of iCloud first. Or maybe you have taken the Apple device of your brother. Your Apple device might remain in Activation Lock if you don't sign out of iCloud before you put the device in recovery mode, and restore through iTunes. Turning off the Activation Lock by entering the correct Apple ID and password is the thing suggested to you.

How do you unlock your Apple ID activation?

  • Open the Home screen of your Apple device
  • Click on Settings
  • It will enable you to tap iCloud
  • Select Find My iPhone
  • Now you need to switch Find My iPhone to Off
  • Confirm it by entering your Apple ID password
  • Tap Turn Off
  • You will also have to sign out of iCloud on the device if you are intended to sell it

How to get more information about Apple ID activation?

Did you unlock your Apple ID activation? Or you would still like to ask the question, how to unlock Apple ID activation? No worries! We have a suggestion for you in this regard. If you did not find the given steps satisfactory or result-oriented, get in touch with the executives of Apple Care. Driven by years of experience and knowledge-depth, these executives are trained by the world’s best trainers. To keep their knowledge up-to-date, they are also attending weekly training sessions. Interestingly, these officials are not ready to make any compromise with the quality of delivered services. Hence, they have been providing best-in-class support services and satisfying the millions of Apple products users. Apple Care, at this point of time, is catering 99.99% accurate services. Isn’t it an amazing fact?


i forget my apple id and password , how to remove my apple id lock .( i phone 5s , IMEI-- 351980064381864) i am reyak woner.