How to Unlock a Locked iPhone without iTunes?
by Tech Trenders Aug 30, 2018
How to Unlock a Locked iPhone without iTunes

All Tricks and Tips You Should Know About Iphone and How to Unlock It Without Using Itunes

IPhone is the mobile device made by the Apple Company. Being the Apple product it offers you so much entertainment and security at the same time .In other words you can say that it is the safest phone in the market.

Apple iPhone’s has become so popular among the people because of their cool features, looks and security that for every new release of the Apple Iphone people get mad and exchange the old iPhone with the new one.

As you know to operate the iPhone you need the Apple id which is mandatory for all the apple products. If you have enter this apple id or password wrong for so many times then your iPhone will get locked.


iTunes is the official way to unlock the locked iPhone but if you don’t want to do it by iTunes and want to know How to Unlock a Locked iPhone without iTunes then you should go through below steps and it will get unlock.

1)     First step is to open the icloud website on your web browser on your device or computer.

2)     Then you have to do the login on the icloud by providing the username and password.

3)     Then you will see so many apps will appear on your screen, now you have to click on the ‘find my device’ app.

4)     The next step is to click on the ‘all device’ it will list down all the device which you use with this apple id.

5)     Now you have to select your device which is got locked and you want to unlock it.

6)     After selecting your device you will see there are 3 options available on your screen on which you can take the action.

7)     Now you have to select on the Erase iPhone option.

8)     After that the last step is to confirm the action and this will erase your iPhone and also unlock your locked iPhone without using the iTunes.

Hopefully above steps are well described and you will be able to resolve this type of issue if you face in future. But if you are finding any ambiguity in the above steps or your query is somewhat different then this then you should reach out to apple team by dialing the contact number and the expert will help you to assist with the right solution.