How To Travel On Copa Airlines With Your Pet?
by Martin Campbell Sep 04, 2018
How To Travel On Copa Airlines With Your Pet

How To Travel On Copa Airlines With Your Pet

We all loves to travel through the Airplanes as it is one of the best medium of transportation. In today’s globalised world it’s play a vital role in making the world into a global village. Apart from connecting various parts of world, it also helps in creating million of jobs across the world. There are plenty of airlines in the world which help in connecting with the diverse parts of the world. While some operates at the National level and while other operates at the International level. There are certain airlines which helps in connecting with the particular regions of the world. One such airlines  which connects with the Panamanian region is Copa Airlines.

Have you ever been to the Panama region ? Then you must have heard about the Copa Airlines. Copa Airlines is one of the big names in the Panama region which provides services to the 77 destination from a mear fleet size of 88. It connects with some of the major regions of the latin American regions like cuba, Havana, Mexico city, CaraCas and Santiago. The airlines is known for providing the best call of services to their customers. Occasionally, user does face problem while traveling through the airlines, one of the common problem user face is regarding

How to Travel on Copa Airlines with Your Pet:- 

User can take the help from their customer services or follow these simple procedures :

  • Copa Airlines allow the pet to travel only through Monday to Friday only on international flights but not to the domestic flight.
  • Dogs of maximum of 8 weeks are allowed to travel on the flight.
  • For International flight  a cost of $125 per package or container.
  • The cost of $25 per cage or cost container plus any taxes
  • The container which carry on the container or cages must be constructed of woods, metal or plastics.
  • Service animals or emotional support animals accompanying individuality with a disability cabin with free of charge.

In case, if the user faces any problem regarding any policy change or upgradation or cancellation, then user can take the assistance from their customer service phone number. They have a highly qualified customer service with which we all are well experience in their domain and have tons of experience to make sure all your problems and concerns are taken into consideration and ultimate solution will be provided to the customer.  It provides diverse range of support to their customer to fix any problem related to to the airlines services.