How to Share iCloud Storage With Anyone?
by Tech Trenders Aug 30, 2018
share your icloud storage with your family members

How to Share iCloud and iTunes Storage?

Apple provides the facility to share iCloud storage with the members of your family sharing group. It provides various storage plans to the users. Apple facilitates the users to add up to five members to a single iCloud storage plan with the help of iCloud family sharing. The sharing members of iCloud storage can store audio files, videos, documents and backups and the every member will be allocated a substantial storage space according to their storage needs. iCloud storage service provides significant privacy to the users and it secures the files that are stored on the iCloud storage with high authentication process. Each member can access their stored document without altering the other’s file.

Process to Share iCloud Storage

You can share your iCloud storage with your family members or with your friends. The following steps will guide you to share the iCloud storage with other users:

  • Go to the SETTINGS of your device and click the iCLOUD FAMILY ORGANIZER button.
  • Click on the APPLE ID banner and enter your Apple id in the given field.
  • Click on the Family Sharing button and then tap on iCLOUD STORAGE button.

It will ask some information about the family members in order to share the storage with them.

  • Click on the LET ME KNOW YOUR FAMILY button and select the members with whom you want to share your iCloud storage.
  • Click on the SEND button to send an invitation to the family members to share your iCLOUD storage.
  • Now, click on the CLOSE button.

After sharing the request, the family members need to accept the request in order to establish the connection. The user can accept the request by clicking on the JOIN button in the iCloud family sharing plan.

If you are facing any trouble during the process then you can contact the customer care helpline number for any assistance.