How to Set Google Chrome Password? [Solved]
by Tech Trenders Sep 04, 2018
set chrome password

How to Set Google Chrome Password or How to Set Password on Chrome? [Solved]

Google Chrome  is a software program that is provided by Google to its customers and is used for navigating websites. It is a web browser that connects users to s specific location over internet. It is the most widely used web browser in the whole world owning much to its performance and extensions provided by Google. You specifically don’t need additional password for Chrome. The gmail account of your is the same that is needed for Chrome as well.

If you wish to change your Chrome password then you have to change Gmail password also because Google has a policy of one account one password. There are few steps involved in changing your Chrome password which are discussed below:

  • Stage 1) Go to and sign into Gmail utilizing your credentials that includes your email id and the current password. Enter your username and the present pass word for the account for which you need to change the secret password for.
  • Stage 2) Next you have to go to the settings symbol in the application or the website page whichever you are using and go to account settings.
  • Stage 3) Select on the change password key choice from here and after that a link will be sent to your Gmail id for password change.
  • Stage 4) Open the email and change your preferred new password.

Your Google Chrome password will be reset

Presently you can utilize your Google Chrome  with the refreshed secret key. You don't have to refresh the secret key with new watchword it will be done verifiably. Access your Google Chrome  to download any application that you wish to sue in your telephone.

In the event that you require any specialized help, you can simply contact Google Chrome  client benefit. The Google Chrome specialized help will give you help to determine any of your questions.