How To Reset Netgear Router Password?
by Emily Cooper Nov 13, 2019

How To Reset Netgear Router Password?

A well-known computer networking firm, Netgear serves its customers with hardware devices. The devices provided by the company can be used by consumers, businesses and service providers. This article can be referred if a user wants to reset router password.

Reset steps of Netgear router password

Netgear products are popular among the users due to its reliability and easy-to-use features. Both wireless and wired Netgear devices are there for network connectivity and broadband access. In order to use the device, a user requires password but if the password is lost or forgotten, it needs to be recovered. To reset Netgear router password, below mentioned steps are followed:

  • The user is required to browse the login page of router on the internet.
  • When the login window opens, user needs to click Cancel.
  • If the recovery of password is enabled, the user is asked to enter the serial number of Netgear router.
  • The serial number of the router is entered and Continue is clicked.
  • On the next screen, the user is required to answer the security questions.
  • When continue is clicked, the password reset screen appears.
  • The new password is created and confirmed.
  • If required, the user can create a new set of security questions.
  • By clicking Next, the password will be successfully reset.
  • The user can Login back to the router with this new password.

Recovery of admin Password

  1. If a user wants to recover admin password, simple steps of Netgear router password recovery are followed, as mentioned below:
  2. Initial step is to browse the router login page and a login window displays on the screen.
  3. By clicking Cancel, the recovery window displays.
  4. Then, the serial number of router is entered which is there on the device.
  5. After that Continue is clicked and security questions are answered.
  6. Finally by clicking Continue, admin password is displayed which can be modified as per requirement.

If still the issue persists or the user has some query related to Netgear router, customer support can be contacted. The technical representatives will help the user with all kinds of issues. The best assistance is provided to the users for a better experience of the router. The support can be contacted at anytime as they are open round-the clock and simply requires a call. The contact details through which the technical team can be reached is provided on the official website of Netgear.

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