How to Optimize iPhone Storage? Full Process
by Tech Trenders Aug 30, 2018
How can i optimize iphone storage

How to Optimize iPhone Storage?

If your iPhone is running out of storage then, in order to optimize your iPhone storage, you can use any of the enlisted methods :

Optimize iPhone using iCloud Library: You can make free a significant amount of space in your iPhone by using iCloud photo library. iCloud photo library stores recent photos which can be accessed frequently in the physical storage. If there is a lot of free storage space then iCloud Photo Library will take the advantage of that and add can more photos locally.

You can enable the iCloud photo library on your iPhone by following the given steps:

  • Go to the SETTINGS of your iPhone and select PHOTOS & CAMERA.
  • Turn ON the option for iCloud photo library.
  • Select the OPTIMIZE iPHONE / iPAD STORAGE button and click on it.
  • Now, enable the optimization

It will take some time to finish uploading iff there is a lot of photos and videos.

Delete the unused apps and folders to optimize the storage: Unused apps occupy a significant amount of space in the iPhone. It is always a good practice to delete unused apps and folders from the iPhone to optimize the storage. The app which is not in use should be removed and before deleting the app, be sure that you are signed out if you have logged in to the app. Especially games and videos occupy more space of the phone and many games are relying on the data that is stored locally inside the app. Before deleting any game it is necessary to be sure that you can either back it up to an account you create with the game developer or with iCloud.

Using Google Photos and Related Services to Optimize Iphone Storage:

There are a number of services and apps that help to optimize the storage of iPhone. These services allow the user to upload photos to the cloud. Now-a-days, these services provides the feature to upload the file automatically to the cloud and free up enormous amount of storage space on the phone. Google Photos provide unlimited amount of storage space to store the photos without paying any cost. You can also use the Flickr app to store your folders on the cloud which gives sufficient security and offers 1TB storage for free.

You can also use services like Dropbox or Amazon which facilitates to enable automatic photos and folders to upload on the app. In order to use these services or app, firstly you need to install the particular app to your iPhone or iPad.