How to Manage My Hainan Airlines Booking & Reservations?
by Martin Campbell Sep 12, 2018
Manage My Hainan Airlines Booking

How to Manage My Hainan Airlines Booking?

Hainan airlines company limited is an airline company of the People’s Republic of China. It is the fourth largest air transport company that is run by civilian and is headquartered in Haikou City, Hainan, People’s Republic of China. It has a fleet size of 214 aircraft and operates its services on 500 routes. The Hainan airlines render its services to 110 destinations all around the world.

Hainan airlines operate numerous flights to national and international destinations. Its aircraft are so designed that each class is provided with many services in each class. The business class travellers are provided with the lounge facility on board. Economy class is provided with the comfortable reclining seats and first class is provided with convertible seats into the bed. Not only this, Hainan airlines also provide free wifi, meals and beverage services depending upon the class you are travelling in. hainan airlines also offer exciting prices and great deals while booking the flights for the first time. One can manage its booking from the manage my Hainan airlines booking section. Hainan airlines provide many features while managing your booking. Its features are as follow:

  1. One can reserve the flight and seats either by using the mobile application, calling the customer service of Hainan airlines or even by logging in the official website of the airlines.
  2. You can also manage your booking in many ways. Due to the plan change if you have to cancel the flight bookings, then it is also possible online. You can contact for the refund related issues as well.
  3. The baggage security is also well handled. If there is any kind of connecting flight in then there is no requirement for passengers to worry for baggage.
  4. One can also make check-in using the mobile application.
  5. It is easy to change, cancel or edit your flight bookings all by yourself by logging into the “Manage my Booking” section available online or on the mobile application.

Not only this, one can easily request for any kind of special equipment for a child or senior passenger, edit or give special instructions in meals and much more. Managing booking from Hainan airlines is easy and convenient.