How To Fix Linksys e2500 Router?
by Emily Cooper Oct 22, 2019

How To Fix Linksys e2500 Router?

There are two (2) ways in resetting the Linksys E2500 to factory defaults:
  1. Press and hold the Reset button at the bottom of your router for 10 seconds then release.
  2. Log in to the router's web-based setup page then go to Administration > Factory Defaults > Restore Factory Defaults.

Why is my Linksys router not working?

The quickest and easiest workaround for most issues concerning Linksys routers is to powercycle the device. To do this, power OFF the router, unplug the power cord and wait for 10 seconds before plugging it back in. Low signal quality received from your wireless router. Outdated router firmware.

How do I fix my Linksys wireless router?

  1. Power off your computer.
  2. Unplug your router.
  3. Wait 60 seconds and plug it back in.
  4. Locate the small button labeled Reset. It's an insert button that's typically on the back of the router.
  5. Straighten a paper clip.
  6. Press and hold the "Reset" button.
  7. Wait for the "Power" light to stop blinking.
  8. Power on your computer.

How do I log into my Linksys e2500 Router?

Configuration for Linksys routers: E1200, E1500, E2500, E3200, E4200, WRT160n
  1. Access the router's browser-based utility. Log into your router's browser-based utility by entering into a browser.
  2. Go to the "Setup" menu.
  3. Go to the "Basic Setup" page. 
  4. Enter the first DNS resolver. 
  5. Save your settings.