iMessage Activation Error - How to Fix iMessage Activation Problem
by Tech Trenders Sep 06, 2018
imessage activation error

Having Imessage Activation Error on Your Apple Device? Resolving Here Easily:

iMessage is one of the instant messaging service developed by the Apple. It lets you send text, picture, video, sound, and location quickly and easily to anyone else who is using iPhone device or watch to complete the task easily. It is quite important to manage iMessage on an iPhone device with ease as it is the inbuilt feature of iPhone device that works fine every time. If still, iMessage is not working fine can be calculated as a big problem on iPhone device easily.

What Is the Cause of the iMessage Activation Error Exactly?

If you are getting iMessage activation error, you should check your device first of all, and then make sure that you are indeed connected to be cellular data or WiFi network. So if you are using an iPhone device and getting such kind of the error on your device you can go for the sms messaging to activate your Phone number with iMessage and Facetime.

Here Are Imessage Waiting-for-activation Error Messages, According to Apple:

  • Getting unsuccessful activation.
  • Waiting for activation.
  • Getting an error during activation.
  • Please check your network connection when unable to perform the steps on your iPhone.

There are quite a few different reasons that why your iMessage application may not be activating. With this fact, if you see an iMessage waiting for activation error so you need to check out the problem with your cellular company that easily fixed the problem.

Below Mentioned Steps Leading You to Fix Imessage Activation Error With Ease:

  1. First of all, turn on your device and ensure you are having an internet connection.
  2. Make sure your iOS is up to date and then go for the settings by selecting general and software updates.
  3. Select date and time button and simply toggled on set automatically.
  4. Go back and select Facetime and select the settings and toggle Airplane mode off.
  5. If you are capable to see a messages pop up, you can guess that your carrier may charge for SMS, tap Ok.
  6. You can go for the iMessage on the respective place to within the settings.
  7. Click on the activation option and select iMessage that some time activate by following on-screen instructions with ease.
  8. Having completed the task, you can select save change button at the end of the procedure.

You can also use your email address with iMessage that allows to store and share the information in the group easily. For the better solution of the iMessage apps you can click on the update button that fixes entire issues at once.