How to fix Gmail error 78754?
by Emily Cooper Oct 11, 2019

How to fix Gmail error 78754?

Gmail error 78754 is one of the most common errors which is highly faced by the users whenever they try to access their Gmail account in other email clients or their password is not recognized. It all happens when a user signing in their Gmail account from a new location, device or Google detects as suspicious login. there could be many other reasons behind this issue and one should know about them before taking any troubleshooting. If you don’t know how to fix Gmail error 78754, then read this article and go through the step by step process to fix this issue.

Possible reasons behind the Gmail error 78754:

  1. · Gmail is not competent enough to recognize the password.
  2. · Username and password are incorrect.
  3. · Google finds a suspicious login.
  4. · Using a new device, location.
  5. · Incorrect configurations.

How to fix Gmail error 78754?

If you want to fix 78754 error of Gmail, then you can follow the below simple instructions:

  1. · Make sure that you are entering the correct password.
  2. · Update your email client to the latest version.
  3. · Setup your Gmail account again if you have recently updated your password.
  4. · Enable the option Access for less secure apps.
  5. · Check if you have enabled the 2-step verification and you can sign in with the app password.

How to fix Gmail IMAP error 78754 on Outlook?

Are you confronting problem when signing in your Gmail account in Outlook? Then it means you are confronting an IMAP issue which is cause for error 78754 and mostly happens when the user log-in credentials not recognized. You can simply fix this problem within simple steps are given below:

Method 1# Re-verify your Gmail log-in credentials

You can check your log-in credentials for your Gmail account that you are trying to sign in. sometimes incorrect details also cause multiple issues and you can simply fix it just by re-verifying your entered details.

Method 2# Enable IMAP and allow less secure apps on Gmail

  1. · Login to your Gmail account and then click on Settings.
  2. · Now click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP section.
  3. · Now choose Enable IMAP option in front of IMAP.
  4. · After that, click on Save changes tab and it will enable the Allow Less Secure Apps feature.

Method 3# Check your Outlook account configuration

  1. · Open the Outlook on your computer and then enter your email address into the given box.
  2. · Click on Advanced options.
  3. · Check the box Let me set up my account manually.
  4. · Choose IMAP and then make sure that IMAP is turned on.
  5. · After that, enter the required login credentials to connect your Outlook account.

Solution 1: Verify your Gmail Login Credentials

Just verify your log-in credentials again to ensure they are correct. This solution should work if this is the source of your error. It should be your first port of call. Once you have confirmed your log-in details, log in to Outlook from a computer or mobile device. The error should then be fixed.

Solution 2: Enable IMAP and Allow Less Secure Applications on Gmail

Microsoft Outlook cannot function properly without IMAP servers, as we have already explained. It is therefore essential to enable it. Users who have it disabled may encounter this error. The following steps will enable it:

  1. From your web browser, open the Gmail Login page.
  2. Log in to Gmail and provide your account details.
  3. Click the Gear Icon in the upper right corner. Then, select Settings (from the drop-down menu).
  4. Select Enable HTMLMAP alongside IMAP Access.
  5. Click Save Your Changes.

With these simple instructions, you can know how to fix Gmail error 78754 on Outlook in a very effective manner and if you are still not able to understand this process, then contact the customer support team for perfect assistance.