How to Download Avast Antivirus Free for Windows 7
by Akcent Aug 16, 2018
How to Download Avast Antivirus Free for Windows 7

How to Download Avast Antivirus Free for Windows 7?

Avast antivirus is one of the famous and the most utilized product in terms of antivirus that helps the user in protecting their systems from any harmful threats. Avast antivirus can be downloaded and installed on the systems for its workings. On the other hand, this antivirus can also be installed with the use of its CD.

For downloading the Avast antivirus manually or by with the use of its CD, the user simply needs to follow some of the steps that are made for it. Besides, if the user of Windows 7 operating system is willing to download the Avast antivirus on their systems then they need to follow the below mentioned steps for the same. The user should make sure to follow the step very correctly so that the process of downloading gets finished correctly.

Hence, mentioned below are the steps to Download free avast antivirus free version :

  • To download avast antivirus free for Windows 7, first of all the user need to visit the Avast antivirus website so as to download it.
  • Select on free download and download the antivirus on the system.
  • Once downloaded the user need to save the setup.exe on their systems in any location.
  • Now the user is required to go to that location in the system and should give a double click on the file that is downloaded.
  • By clicking on it the files will run.
  • Select on regular installation option when the downloaded file is opened.
  • The user then need to go through the license agreement and further should select on continue.
  • Select on done when the installation is completed.
  • When the user will select on done a quick scan will start and the user can close it by selecting on cancel.
  • Now the user need to register for the antivirus. For registering the user need to provide some of their details to process further.
  • After registering the user will get 30 days free trial of the antivirus.
  • User then need to enter their first name, their last name and also their email address for processing the registration steps.
  • When all these details have been entered the user need to select on register with email address.
  • Then, select on the sidebar so as to configure the antivirus.
  • Lastly the user can scan their systems and can check whether the antivirus is downloaded and installed properly.

Therefore, by following the above mentioned steps the avast antivirus free download for windows 7 will be downloaded on the systems and further the user can utilize it for the scanning of their systems. These steps are simple but the user should make sure that all these steps are followed in the correct way as many a times the user undertakes the wrong steps and the antivirus creates issues in the working.

On the other hand, if there is any query related to these steps or the user is having any problem regarding understanding of these mentioned steps then they may contact its concerned representatives and can get the best help and assistance from them.