How To Create Email Id In Gmail?
by Steeve Mark Apr 08, 2019

Know How To Create Email Id In Gmail With The Following Simple Procedure

Gmail is the most popular and easy to use mailing service developed by Google. It is free to use.

A user can simply use the Google service by creating an account. To log into account a user needs to enter email and password, then, click on Next button.

With the above simple steps, a user can log into his/her Gmail account and use it for
sending emails to other accounts. It is not imperative that the receiver must have
an account on Gmail only, the user can have an account on any of the mail portals.

What Are The Issues Occur In Using Gmail?

However, there might be some issues while using Gmail service. Some issues are being
mentioned below that a user might face while using Gmail:

  • Account authentication issue: Each time a user tries to log into the account, screen prompts up login issue, even when the user enters the right information
    on the screen.

  • There is a problem in sending and receiving of mail: you are trying
    to send mail but unable to do so and also when it shows the issue with email

  • Another issue that one might face is opening a mail: A user tries
    to open a mail but unable to do it.

  • There could be the issue with IMAP or POP setting: This issue goes unnoticed
    and a user might face abnormal responses from the mail.

To get rid of the above issues, a user can try different troubleshooting method by oneself. However, if unable to resolve the issue, then, the user can contact customer care to get the solution.

How To Create Email Id In Gmail

if you are new to Gmail and wish to know how to create email ID in Gmail, then, you can go through following to get acquainted with the steps:

1.   Go to Sign In page on Gmail.

2.   Click on Create Account.

3.   Enter information viz First Name, Last Name, Username. This might

happen that when a user enters Username, then, there could be a case

that Username might not be present. In this case, google suggests another username that a user can use while creating an ID.

4.  While creating the password, pay attention that password must be the

   combination of small letters, capital letters, symbols, and letters.

5. When you are done with filling above information on Google page,

   click on Next button.

6. On the next page, provide the phone number, recovery email address,

   date of birth and gender.

7. Click on Next button.

8. On next screen, go through privacy and terms and then, click on I Agree.

9. Once you click on I Agree, the account is created.

Above procedure clearly explains how to create email id in Gmail. Use your Gmail account for sending and receiving emails.

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