How to Contact Xbox One Customer Service Support Center?
by Tech Trenders Sep 07, 2018
xbox one customer service

Xbox One:   How to Contact Customer Support Phone Number

Games has always a fascination from early days especially to the kids. It help us them relax, control and get a refreshment from boring and mundane life. Playing games always a great exercise and keeps us healthy. Earlier we use to choose the outdoor games but with the time and addition of new gadgets, everything is changed tremendously with time. Now- a days there is craze for the online games or the digital games. As people have not much time to spend outdoor and play a full time game they loves to prefer a game which provides them a glimpse of the physical game and people don’t have to work hard.

Get Support help to fix Xbox One Issue

Online games completely fits into the bill as its helps in providing the much needed relaxment as well as thrill, excitement and so forth that comes with gaming. These days there are tremendous demand for the online games. There are plenty of online games in the world but none can come closer to the popularity of one gaming services Xbox One. Xbox one customer service will helps and guide you in fixing the problem in no time.

Xbox one is the most killing gaming console. It is one of the series of the gaming console developed by the Microsoft. The gaming console comes with a powerful little box with having Xbox One “ S “ model seen above the new standard for the console.It provides us the most beautiful presentation of the games as well as looks and costs quite less. The controller of the Xbox one has critically advanced  compared to others one and they have a far superior ergonomically than their peers. The construction and feel of the sticks are pretty much perfect and as they provide firms grips to the user. But there are certain issue face by the Xbox one user. Some of the common problems face by the Xbox one :

  • Xbox Bandwidth Issue :

This is one of the most common problem face by the Xbox user. The user which is playing the xbox game must have a bandwidth of more than 50 mbps or more.

Playing Xbox games online require consistent data connection and proper bandwidth channel.

  • Xbox Live Sign in Issue :

This is the second most common issue face by the Xbox  due to the server outrage on Microsoft sides. These outages can someone by system-wide and occur only in specific location or with specific users. In order to fix the issue user needs to perform full rebooting of the system and the power cycle in simple way. Further make sure to cold restart or perform a hard reset. In order to do so, user needs to hold this power button for 10 seconds while keeping the system on. Again, the system will turn off as you hit the button again. Now, it will start and display the green start up screen. And make sure all your data will be preserved and cache and some settings are reverted and log in or game start issues are resolved.

There are plenty of other issues to attached with the xbox while working on it, But in order to resolve the issue user needs to contact their contact their customer representatives. In order to resolve the issue, user needs to contact their customer support. But few user knows the procedure to contact customer support phone number. Here are the list of procedure to contact their representatives.

#Methods to Contact Xbox One Customer Service

  • First of all, go to the Xbox “ contact us “ at home page.
  • Then click on the category which best describe the inquiry or concern about xbox live.
  • Or one can directly go to the xbox forums home page at
  • Now click on the “ Xbox support Forum ‘’
  • Further user needs to click on the subgroup which best describes the nature of your issue.
  • Select the sub group which best describe the nature of the issue.
  • Make sure to browse through them and then click on the forum conservation which best fits in the inquiry.
  • Then select the phone and note down the telephone number.
  • Wait for the xbox to make sure they provide you with prompts and then dial the number “ 0’’ six times in a row.
  • Again wait for few minutes online in order to make sure that their representatives will answer your call.  They will take at least 30 minutes to answer your call.

For any kind of assistance and help better to call at the Xbox one customer support . They have a highly supportive customer service representatives which are highly trained to make sure that whatever be the problem must be resolved quickly without any much delay.