How to Contact Gmail (By Phone Number, Live Chat & Help Desk)
by Tech Trenders Sep 12, 2018
how to contact Gmail

How To Contact Gmail?

Gmail- it is the email service developed by Google, on can access Gmail on the web, using third party programmes using POP or IMAP protocols. Initially Gmail used to provide only one gigabyte storage capacity per user with the increase of the usage in today’s time it comes with the storage capacity of 15 gigabytes this means that one can receive the emails upto 50 megabytes in size and can send emails upto 25 megabytes. if the files are large and one has to send the same the way around for the same is to insert them Google drive into the message. Gmail is widely used across the world and it has made the world a better place to live by the means of communication on the personal and the professional front. Gmail automatically scan emails for couple of services, as it is widely used there can be a situation when one is not able to use the services and for the same  one can seek help from the Gmail customer service.

How to contact Gmail – as it is widely used service across the globe there can instances that one is not able to use the service and faces some concern which are as following 

  • Gmail not loading
  • Attachments not opening
  • Mails not moving to junk folder
  • Not able to send the emails
  • Password not getting rest

There can be more concerns as the services are used day in and day out however for the same one can take small steps to overcome the same, if the concern is still not be dealt one can also seek help from the Gmail customer support.

#Methods to Contact Gmail

In order to seek customer support and help in the quickest possible way from Gmail to overcome the concerns, one has to take the following steps:-

  • Initially one has to log in to the Gmail account by going on the website one will be asked to enter the username and the password for the same.  
  • Individual will be required to go to the Google contact page click on apps, hit more and look for the option Even more from the Google by clicking on the same one will be on the Goggles Product page, on this page look for the option Contact us which will help one to see the options to get in touch with the Google.
  • In order to seek help one has to use the Report feature for privacy/ security questions one can choose to get in touch with Gmail among the available options and ask for the solution of the concern being faced. Under the heading Report a safety or abuse issue affecting a Google product one will be allowed to select Gmail and on the next page one will be asked to select the concern among the ones which is listed. 
  • Gmail help center can also come handy if the individual is facing the concern as it also has the information or rather the steps which can be taken in order to overcome some issues and for the same from the contact page one has to hit the option Browse our help center then on the next page click on Gmail and then click on the concern being faced, if the individual is not able to understand some steps one can also speak to the expert at the Gmail Support phone number.
  • Gmail help desk it may be one of the best option to help the individual in order to overcome the concern, one can freely ask the questions about the problem and the Gmail technical staff will get back with the solution, there can be situation that one’s concern is already be sorted and to get there from the contact page click the Browse popular help forum discussions link which one can see below the  help center button on the next page enter the concern being faced in the search bar, if the individual is not able to get the satisfaction result one can Post a question in the link which is at the top of the screen and ask the concern in details and the expert form the Google team will respond back and one can also seek more clarification by calling the Gmail phone number. 
  • Gmail live chat support this is also called help out which will help the individual to schedule appointment with the real expert and the expert will help you to solve the concern through Live chat to access the same one has to go to and the other way is from the contact page click the back button to go to Even more from Google and hit on the link for the help out and the expert will ensure that concern is taken care.  
  • Gmail phone number by dialing the same one can speak to the expert , the expert at the other end will ensure that the concern is taken care as it will ask the individual to perform some actions while the expert being on the call hence the individual will be able to use the services.
  • Gmail help center will provide all kind of help to the individual so that the services can be used back to the normal.

By taking the steps mentioned above the individual will be able to contact Gmail and hence will be able to get the concern sorted.

By : Carol Rice

I am in the process of creating a Gmail account but It is stuck on 45% setup progress.

By : Gregory Wright

I just opened a g-mail email accout and am unable to sign into it. ALSO it says that there has been suspicious activity on it. I was requested to get a secue code sent to my cell the code and tried to put it in but it would not allow me to put in all of the code. please call me at one of the following numbers to help me. 4403208521 cell or 4409600728 home

By : Wendell Graves

I forgot my password for G mail. Can you help me?