How to Contact Air China For Flight Ticket Booking & Reservations?
by Sophie Molineux Oct 26, 2018
Air China Contact Details For Reservations

How To Book China Airlines Reservations Ticket Online?

The positive Possibilities are everywhere when you decide to do any new thing. Although visiting any new place might be the act of new things and new activities to do with. So whether you make a plan for a trip to pilgrimage place or to a foreign country to visit the amazing beautiful sights then you cannot refrain from the booking process with flight, train, or bus.  Here on we would simply recommend you to go with Air China known as the member of Star Airlines.

About Air China:

Air China is widely famous in offering a number of wide ranges of flight service from its main hub based in Beijing on a daily basis. Its operation of providing convening flight service is so awesome due to its fleet size headquartered based at Beijing Capital International Airport. We all have proud to be the regular customer or a member of Air China that provides us incredible facilities of booking and cancelling flight ticket online at any simple cost and at any time.

In order to manage all the facilities and provide the best flight service to the passengers Air China Customer Service is always on and assists them in all respects at any time. So take a look at how it can assist you to bring your deep interest and trust over Air China for a long.

Features of Air China:

Starting from the features can show the amazing value of Air China Airlines. Some of the brilliant features are listed down:

  • It is offering free of cost check-in policy for baggage and food, flight schedule, flight chance or cancelation etc.
  • Passengers can book their flight ticket with Star Airlines with the reference of Air China.
  • Air China is providing last minute flight ticket to the passengers at the lowest cost.
  • It is getting more fleets size consists of the number of Aircraft on a daily basis.
  • It is offering valuable facilities like Meal, free Wi-Fi, seat change and reservation facilities, refund policy and much more.

How do I reserve seats on China Airlines?

Please contact China Airlines local branch office. After ticket is purchased, please visit web site MANAGE-Seat /Special Assistance, or log in Member service - Travel Services-Booking Records to select seat online. Seat selection is available via Online Check-in 48 hours before flight departure.

Cabin Classes of Air China:

The cabin classes are more attractive like most of the passengers want to and they might feel so happy like a home. There are some crucial cabin classes available including.

  • Business class is an amazing facility offering a number of cabin classes that are likely to book by the passengers during booking online.
  • In the Premium Economy class, most of the passengers can find out the comfortable to sleep and office place to complete the task.
  • Get sleeper seat to repose on the discounted prices within second from customer agent.
  • Air China premium Economy class also offers generous personal space that lets you travel in a comfort zone without worrying about fellow passengers.
  • Providing spacious meal on the seat in your privacy and look after every requirement abides by you.

So if you are showing an interest and willing to book a ticket online or with the help of customer agents you can easily contact them and obtain complete advice and perfect information related to the flight director on your mobile phone. For the instant help with regards to the Air China reservations, you can choose the phone number to access customer who provides simple tutorial to book a flight ticket online.

Unfortunately, if you are not able to contact travel agents and don’t know how to contact customer representative of Air China Airlines you can follow the simple ideas to achieve target without wasting more time and energy.

Here are the ways on how to contact Air China with ease:

  1. At first, go to the Air China booking page and scroll down and press contact button.
  2. Enter the description into the correct fields and move to the next procedure.
  3. Select your queries and enter the correct name and mobile phone number and press next button.
  4. Now go to the contact list and select various resources to access customer representatives.
  5. You can choose mobile phone number, email address, chat, and video call and much more.

So now you can feel so comfortable to book your flight ticket online or offline with the help of customer representative within a second.

Following are the steps helping for Air China Booking online:

  1. At first, visit the official website of booking and move to the API link.
  2. Select round trip button and click on the correct date and time for arrival and departure field.
  3. Go to the search button and select the flight associated with the Air China and move to the next.
  4. Enter the correct detail for the passengers and move to the advanced features and facilities to select.
  5. Now check out the seat availability and select the class you want to book ticket with Air China.
  6. Select your bank and enter the correct detail for your debit or credit card and move to next procedure.

Having booked a flight ticket you don’t forget to save your ticket on your device which you can use in the check in process easily.

When can I select seats on China Airlines?

Seat selection is available from 180 days (local time at departure airport) to 48 hours before flight departure. To make a seat selection for flights departing within 1.5 to 48 hours, please click "eCheck-in" to select your seat.