How to Connect Google My Business Customer Service Support Center?
by Tech Trenders Sep 07, 2018
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Methods to Contact Google My Business Customer Service Support

Google keeps on innovating the products and services that are rendered by it. It has provided a free and easy to use tool for organizations and businesses so that they could manage their online presence across Google which includes Search and Maps. That free and easy to use tool is Google My Business.

With Google My Business, you can verify and edit business information. Verification helps the customers to rely on you and also you can tell the business story.

Following are the advantages of using Google My Business:

  • Manage the Information: With Google My Business, all you can do is manage the information that can be seen by the users when they seek out for your business or the products and services that are offered by you. Businesses that are verified have more credibility than those are not verified. Ensure that you have put your hours, website and street address


  • Also Interact with Customers: You can read the customer review and respond for the same and also you can add and update the photos of your business. Adding the photos of your business increases the chance of getting more customers or clients and also you are likely to get more clicks for your business.


  • Understand the tool and expand the business: With Google My Business you can get the details like how customers get to your business and the customers location. Google My Business gives details of number of people that have contacted you regarding your business directly from the phone number which you have provided on local search result in Search and Maps.

If you need Google My Business mobile app, you can get it from playstore. You can manage your business from this app only. Google My Business mobile app has accessibility features for low vision and blind users who can use the mobile app with the Talk Back and Voice over apps.

If you need assistance regarding Google My Business, you can get it by calling on Google My Business Customer Support. The customer support executives of Google are there to assist you regarding your business. If you have any query and you need assistance, you can get the assistance through one of the following methods.

#Methods to Contact Google My Business Customer Support Center

  • Email: Contact Google My Business Customer Service email support when you have descriptive questions and need descriptive answers. The customer care executives will contact you in the stipulated time and provide you comprehensive solution. The customer support is available all the time which means you can get the response of your query as soon as possible. The customer support executives are knowledgeable, responsive and provide fast support. There is no registration and no sign up issue. You can contact the customer care cell whenever needed. Whenever you need to know about additional features of Google, you can contact Google MyBusiness support team and you get the comprehensive solution to your requirement.


  • Phone Number: if you contact Google My Business through phone number, it provides immediate assistance. The Google team providing support through phone number is prudent, astute and well trained thus skilled. They have several years of experience and are technically sound so provide apt solution to customer requirement. If you heard first time about Google MyBusiness then it is a little bit difficult to know about the product, so, you can call Google My Business customer service number so that you get to know about the product and how you can use this product.

Besides to know about the product, you can troubleshoot following issues of Google MyBusiness :

  • Google is unable to recognize your address: You have multiple business location and you have given the address of each location on Google Map but Google is unable to recognize any of the address or unable to recognize some or none of the address. This issue can occur for single location as well.
  • To get your location on the map, you can call up Google My Business Customer Service and the experts at Google assist you regarding the services. Adding the location is first and foremost requirement to get you recognized on Google service.
  • Previous owner has been listed in SERPs: If you bought a building and needed to update your location or suppose you changed the location and needed to update your location from the previous one, then, you can do it with the help of Google MyBusiness Support team. Updating the location is important as it would be irrelevant to use the service without doing the updation. You can get the assistance whenever needed. The customer support executives are available all the time and you can get to contact them whenever needed. Call the customer support service anytime and receive the assistance.
  • If there are a number of professionals at single location: So you have the business at a complex or building and you need to update your location and needed to stand out simultaneously but unable to locate yourself in clustered business location, so, do one thing, take the expert help, call on Google My Business Customer Service.

The customer care executives will help you out and make your business to get a good recognition with Google MyBusiness tool.