How the Password of Internet Network can be Reset or Change?
by Tech Trenders Sep 03, 2018
reset password for internet network

How The Password Of Internet Network Can be Reset or Change?

If you are using the Wifi network,there may be certain circumstances when you need help for the network. At such occasions, it is required for you to read this article. Which is offering you some simple method to reset your internet network password.

#Method on How to do internet password reset?

  1. Individual needs to open the router's configuration page:There is need to check the router's configuration page by using web browser on a PC which is used to connect with network. When the user want to connect it to the Wifi because the password has been forgotten.There is need to use Ethernet cable for cable to connect to the router,It is required to have the WiFi password.
  2. There is need to enter your username and password:It is required to have both username and password before you go to login.
  3. User needs to open Wireless section:After user will login to the router,there is need to find the Wireless section of your configuration page.
  4. Individual should change the password: There is need to look for box that has been named as "Password" or "Passphrase.”Individual should enter the new password into the given box.There are routers which prompts you to enter the password again to make sure that you have entered the correct password.
  5. Security type should be checked:Individuals use generally three types of connections. If you use WPA2, it will be the better option to you.
  6. User should change the network name:It will only take certain time duration to change the name of the network.Changing the name will include the personally identifiable information.When the name will be changed,the network will be more secure.
  7. It is required to save the Settings:When you set your new password, tap the option of “Apply” or “Save” button. The location of the button is different for number of routers. It will just take few moments.

#Method To Change The Internet Network Password

It happens that you get problem with your internet network password,it happens because someone has your password or you just forgot your account password.To get help at such occasions,there is need to connect with team of experts.These experts knows the best way to resolve every possible threat.

How to do internet network password change?

  1. It is required for you to introduce the Internet browser and enter into the address bar.
  2. You should type the router username and password if you will be asked.
  3. The name of the default username will be admin.The default password is the password.
  4. Tap “Ok” and the “BASIC Home page” will be display to you.
  5. Click the option of “Wireless” and there is need to enter the new username in the Name field.
  6. Individual should enter the new password in the Password fields.
  7. Select the button to “Apply.”
  8. Now, the changes that has made by you are saved.

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