How Do I Talk To Live Person at Paypal? [Solved]
by Tech Trenders Nov 15, 2018
how do i talk with live person at paypal

How Do I Talk To Live Person at Paypal?

Paypal is an application that is used for online payment and can be used as the alternative for paying the money through check or money order form. This application was developed by an American company by reducing the use of paper during the payments. It is a kind of payment gateway for online vendors, auctions and individual users. With its introduction, many people are still not sure how to use this application and require help then you can freely contact the support team.

Ways of Contacting support team of Paypal

Paypal has introduced numerous ways to help their customers. To solve the query one can talk to live person at PayPal either on call or through live chat support. If you don’t know how to contact the live person to solve queries then this article will surely help you.

How does live person support work? 

If you have queries, then PayPal's customer support is very easy where one can contact and solve the issue.

  1. With PayPal, the customer can contact either on call or chat support and have a conversation with the live person.
  2. As you have selected your way of communication, explain the query that you require assistance for and wait for him to understand and provide the solution.
  3. Once your query is understood by the representative he will provide the best possible solution to it.
  4. You can contact the support representative without any hesitation as they will be delighted to help you.

How to seek assistance from customer service for PayPal account problems?

Are you failing to access PayPal account services and have no clue how to resolve those issues in time? Well, then you can seek assistance from the customer service at PayPal and access effortless transaction services. Besides, for the users who have no clue how to contact a support representative at the PayPal support center, they can check out the details provided in this article. 

PayPal contact number 24/7

Common issues resolved by PayPal customer service 

Before heading on details on how one can seek assistance by dialing the PayPal contact number 24/7, here is the list of some of the services offered by the support representative.

  • Resolving issues related to account and password access 
  • Issues with payment system
  • Problems with the account and profile setup
  • Resolving account disputes and limitations
  • Assistance for using cash vouchers
  • Offering business solutions and more

Thus, these are the few services that one can see once they reach out to support. And to help one get a clear idea, here are the quick instructions that one can follow to contact the support representative. 

How can one reach out to the support center at PayPal?

1) Make a phone call

To seek prompt 24X7 assistance for PayPal issues, the user can dial the PayPal phone number and follow the quick instructions mentioned below. 

  • Begin the process by dialing the support center number and press #. 
  • Then, from the provided options, the user needs to press 2 to contact the support representative over a phone call. 
  • After that, the user can explain their issue and seek a prompt solution for the same. 

2) Send a message

If the support representative is not available after dialing the PayPal phone number, then the user can send a message by visiting the official support page. And once the request is accepted, the user will be offered prompt assistance for their issues. 

Apart from the mentioned options, the user can seek assistance for their issues through the official support page or the resolution center to access PayPal services without any worries.

Apart from this, you can contact live person anytime when the issue arises as they are available 24/7. Further, the experience and knowledge of customer representative help to resolve your query in a short span of time and in one attempt. The polite nature of live person allows the customer to make themselves comfortable.