How do i switch from LTE to 4G? [Solved]
by Nick Johnson Nov 13, 2018
How do i switch from LTE to 4G

Methods to Switch from LTE to 4G

LTE as “Long Term Evolution” is a wireless communications protocol  that provides faster network than most of the 3G networks. It is based on GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies. 

The International Telecommunications Union-Radio is the Nation’s official agency, decided that the peak download speeds for 4G should be 100 Mbit/s for high mobility devices. 

Methods to switch from LTE to 4G- 

If your device fails to activate 4G LTE on its own,you can activate this feature manually -

Method 1- On iOS 

  • First go to “settings” and select “cellular”
  • Toggle the “cellular data” , switch to the “on” position
  • Touch on “enable LTE” and select “voice and data” 

Now, LTE is enabled on your iOS device. 

Method 2- On Android- 

  • Go to the menu and select “settings”
  • Tap on “mobile networks”
  • Tap on “network mode” and then touch “LTE”
  • Tap on the menu and select “Phone”
  • When get a code ,enter that code into your dialer or keypad.
  • Then” send”
  • Tap on “phone information” and then scroll down to “set preferred network type”
  • Select the “4G” network

Method 3- On Windows Phone-

  • Go to the home screen and tap on “settings”
  • Then tap on the “mobile networks”
  • Then “highest connection speed” and select “ 4G” from the dropdown menu.
  • Tap “on”. 

So, you can choose any of these methods given above to switch LTE into 4G suitable to your device and enjoy fast speed internet.