How do I Get LTE on My Samsung Phone? [Solved]
by Tech Trenders Nov 14, 2018
How do I Get LTE on My Samsung Phone

How do I Get LTE on My Samsung Phone 

Long-Term Evaluation is the type of network speed developed for mobile networks. This type of network is considered as a high-speed network. This network works on different radio signals that make a network to provide the best speed. It is commonly marketed as 4G LTE as well. Every device now has an inbuilt facility so that its user does not have any issue in its data speed. But for that LTE service needs to be activated. If you do not know how to enable this service then follow the steps below to get the answer on how do I get LTE on my Samsung phone. 

  1. Unlock your Samsung device and open the notification panel by sliding your finger down.
  2. Tap on the settings icon available at the top right of the page.
  3. Your phone’s settings will be displayed in front of you. Go to “Mobile Data Network” option by tapping on it to reset your network settings.
  4. From the options available in mobile network window, select the option of “Network Mode” and by tapping on it.
  5. The list of the prefered network will be displayed in front of you. The select 4G option is displayed. It can also be labelled as LTE/WCDMA/GSM.
  6. You can select the LTE option by simply clicking on it and this will enable LTE on your Samsung device.

After following the above steps if in case you are not able to enable LTE service then either you can contact tech support team or nearest Samsung service centre for assistance and help. If you are contacting the tech team then you can contact them anytime as they are available 24/7. The experience and knowledge of customer representative will solve your query in one go and in a short span of time.