Google Voice Search Not Working
by Jack Livingston Aug 27, 2018
google voice search not working

Take a Look at How to Fix When Google Voice Search is Not Working Fine:

 Google voice is a smart tactic to search out the important stuff on the Google Chrome internet browser. Google voice search is a product introduced and by Google in the early years. It is quite safe and secure resource that helps the life of the users more comfortable and convenient in terms searching important objects. Google search voice is a complete app that helps users to use Google search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer device instead of typing the same.

How to Fix When Google Voice Search is Not Working?

If there is an error and you are not able to use it, you can first check out the procedure of spelling checks and pronunciation that might be working your Google voice search as it required exact correct language and fabulous pronunciation. Yet, there is a technical fault and you are speaking but also it is not working, you have to troubleshoot the problem that occurs sometimes with the users and needs indeed the immediate solution. Not only this, you can search out the data from your device with the help of Google voice search and it can make your whole task so amazing and comfortable all the time.

The basic solution to fix when Google voice search is not working fine:

  • You need to check out the language settings first of all if you using your Google voice.
  • Check the microphone on the device is working or not and select the update option that fixes instantly.
  • Check out the mike along with the voice and check if it is loud or slow.
  • You can fix your Google voice search for a moment to work.

If you have checked everything however you are not able to manage your Google voice which is not working fine, need to fix the problem with the help of help team online.

 Following are the ways of assisting you to resolve Google voice which is not working fine:

  • At first, launch your Google voice apps and select the voice and tap to say any word to search out.
  • Go to the language settings and select the Google voice model option and click on settings button.
  • Select the device maintenance option and scroll down at the bottom to tap on the Google app.
  • Go to the memory option and storage and check out the OK Google button after click on clean on catch file.
  • It must be sure that your Google voice is attached with your Google account to use on your mobile device.
  • Select the voice and press on the ok Google direction and press Google search voice button.
  • Press on the reset button and follow the on-screen instructions and press done button.
  • Enter the verify identity and press the finish button and go to apps of Google voice search to check it is working or not.

If Google search is working fine which means the problem has been resolved now and you are now able to speak over Google search, your issue has been resolved permanently. If want further assistance related to the Google voice search, you can contact techies who will provide you the best tips to fix the whole and sole problem instantly.