Forgot Dell Laptop Password?
by Allen Jonathan Sep 03, 2018
Forgot dell laptop password

Forgot Dell Laptop Password How to Reset Dell Laptop Password?

Have you forgotten the password of Dell laptop and you are not able to log in? You are at the best place to learn something important. First of all, you need to make sure that you have tried every step to log into your Laptop device. Make sure you do not press Caps lock button and using the correct password to log in.

If you have done every step however you are getting an error you are feeling difficulty while logging in your Dell laptop device. This is a time when you are required to reset the password of your computer with the basic method. If you don’t the basic method, you have to get the guidance from tech support executives who will assist accurately.

#Method: How to Reset Dell Laptop/PC Password

  1. First of all, Boot your device and press F8 button repeatedly.
  2. You will access in the safe mode and launch the internet browser.
  3. Enter in the URL address bar and hit the enter button.
  4. Press I forgot password option and in this process, you have to enter the registered email address and phone number associated with the Microsoft Windows.
  5. You can choose I would like to receive the security code and click next.
  6. You can also choose a phone number or email address to get the code.
  7. You need to now press the setup a new password for your Microsoft account button.
  8. Having finished the task, press on the done button and enter the new password into the right fields eventually.

You can test the password by signing your Dell laptop. If you have access your problem has been resolved now.  

#Method: What to Do When, Dell Laptop forgot password

Are you not able to remember the password set for your Dell laptop? No need to feel ashamed; this issue is faced by thousands of users’ every single day. Using easy to remember passwords are risky as they are not secure. But when you use a secure password, there is a high probability that you might forget it once in a year. Nevertheless, Microsoft allows you to reset the forgotten password. In this article, we will be talking about the same. The given method is only applicable to you if you have taken a little extra precaution before getting locked out. However, it is a challenging process to be implemented.

How to Reset Dell Laptop Password by Password Reset Disk?

Yes, if you have already set a password reset disk then it is an easy task for you to change the password. Be with us for a couple of minutes if you have created password reset disks. Go to the login screen of your computer and click on the RESET PASSWORD link. A new setup wizard will appear on your screen. Now you are urged to type the new password for the user account. It will automatically replace the old one. Congratulations! You have resolved your problem Dell Laptop forgot password. You will now be able to access to your Dell laptop with the newly configured password.