Avianca Airlines Reservations
by Avianca Airlines Reservations Nov 02, 2020

Avianca Airlines Reservations

Considered as a popular Colombian Airline, Avianca Airlines offer its travelers cheap flight tickets to various domestic and international destinations. So, for travelers who are planning to confirm their reservations with the airline anytime soon, they can check out the booking procedure of the airline and plan out their travel in time.

Booking reservations with Avianca Airlines

As per the current pandemic situations, there are chances that the services of Avianca Airlines might be affected on some routes. So, before heading on with the process to book an Avianca Airlines reservation, it is suggested that the passenger reach out to the airline reservation department to confirm the services on the particular route. 

Steps for booking reservations with Avianca Airlines:

  • For the ticket booking process, visit the airline website and click on Book a flight tab. 
  • Now, select the travel type for the reservations and continue.
  • Enter the From and To locations for the reservations. 
  • Then, select a suitable travel date and mention the number of those traveling with the airline. 
  • Further, click on the search flight option to check the available flights for booking tickets. 
  • And now, pick the one offering the best fares for the Avianca Airlines reservation and continue. 
  • Mention the details of those traveling to confirm the booking and verify the fare details.
  • Select an online payment option and confirm the booking with Avianca Airlines. 

And with the completion of this process, one can confirm an Avianca Airlines reservation online. But, in case, if the passenger needs to make changes to their travel plans, they can make use of the manage booking service. 

Avianca Airlines Manage Booking 

Managing the reservations booked with Avianca Airlines 

In case, if the travel plans of the passengers are not going as per the plans, then the passenger can make use of the Avianca Airlines manage booking service by using the mentioned instructions.

Note: Changes to the reservations can be made 2 hours before the actual departure of the flight.

  • For managing the booked reservations, the passenger needs to click on the ticket number and last name of the passenger traveling. 
  • Once all the details are filled in, the passenger can find the booking to modify the same.
  • Further, the passenger is required to opt for the required action for the booking like change or cancel as per their requirement. 
  • Besides, for confirming the changes, the passenger needs to make the required payment especially, in case of flight change. 
  • And in case of cancellation, the passenger simply needs to confirm the cancellation. 
  • Once the changes are confirmed, the passenger will be offered a confirmation email. 

Avianca Airlines Customer Service 

Besides, if the passenger has any queries regarding the ticket booking and managing process, then one can contact Avianca Airlines customer service by dialing their toll-free number to seek the required assistance to book and manage their reservations with the airline.