Apple Account Password Reset Phone Number
by Tech Trenders Sep 07, 2018
apple account password reset

Apple Account Password Reset Phone Number

It always sucks if you forget your Apple ID.It restricts you from accessing your data and creates a lots of trouble for you.When are getting difficulty is using the account efficiently,it is good to be in contact of the technical team.To be in contact of experts,there is need to use helpline number.

What is the method of Apple ID password reset?

Ist method: Apple Account Recovery With Security Questions

  1. It is first required to go to the Apple ID account page and tap to the option of "Forgot Apple ID or password." When you asked to confirm the phone number, individual should use the steps for two-factor authentication instead.
  2. User needs to enter the Apple ID that has been registered at the time of account registration
  3. You should choose the option to reset the account password, then select the option of “Continue.”
  4. Select the method to reset your password:
  5. For answering the security questions, choose the option of "Answer security questions" and then go through further steps.
  6. If you want to get an email,choose the option to"Get an email." To perform the password reset process for your account,there is need to use the email that will be sent to the primary or rescue email address.
  7. When you asked for a Recovery Key, you should use the steps for two-factor authentication or two-step verification instead.
  8. After the password has been reset,it will be asked you to sign in again with the new password. There might be requirement to update the password in “Settings” on your devices.
  9. If the problem will not be fixed,individual should use the Apple ID password reset number

2nd method: Apple Account Recovery With Phone Number or Two Step Verification

  1. When you have two-factor authentication activated on your Apple ID, password reset process can be performed on any trusted device like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch including Mac with a password or passcode.
  2. For the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:-
  3. There is need to ensure that the device which you are using has the iOS 10 or later.
  4. Individual needs to go in “Settings.”
  5. Click your name and the Password & Security option
  6. Tap the option of “Change Password” which is  followed by the onscreen instructions to update your password.
  7. Those who are using iOS 10.2 or earlier, click the option of “iCloud” and “Your name”
  8. Click the option of Password & Security and select “Change Password” option
  9. You need to go by the on-screen instructions and complete the password reset process

3rd method: Recover Apple Account, When you are using the Mac device:-

  1. It is required for you to go the “Apple menu” and then to the “System Preferences.”
  2. Tap the option of “iCloud” and select the option of “Account Details.”
  3. When you asked to enter the Apple ID password,tap the option of "Forgot Apple ID or password" that can be followed by onscreen instructions.
  4. Tap the option of “Security” and then of the “Reset Password.” Before you go to reset the Apple ID password,it is required to enter the password to unlock the Mac device.

If the discussed steps are still not helpful and you need help with that,you should connect with customer care team.To be in contact of the support team,you can use the Apple ID password reset phone number. This specific number will connect you directly to the password recovery team. Not only this specific problem but other relevant issues can be fixed within few minutes.You will be charged if you are taking live support from the team of experts.

There are even some other ways to find help from the team of experts. These can be either live chat or email service. If you are using the live chat option, it is required to simply chat with the experts present on other end.You have even option to do email to the experts team,the answers can be expected instantly.

Why it is always required to connect with Apple account recovery number?

  1. It is better to reach experts for getting instant help from
  2. Password and email address recovery issue can be resolved without finding difficulties
  3. Account management can be done efficiently by the group of engineers
  4. Several plans has been introduced for the benefits of the users
  5. Account hacked issue can be solved instantly by the group of engineers
  6. Tech support engineers can be contacted depending upon your requirement
  7. Tech expert will listen to every possible threat and help you in resolving each technical problem