How to Get Access or Recover Gmail Hacked Account?
by Tech Trenders Oct 31, 2018
recover gmail hacked account

What will you do if someone hacked your Gmail account? Get all the information here

Unusual activity may be occurring on your Google Account, Gmail or other Google products. This could indicate that someone is using your account without your consent. You may suspect that your Google Account or Gmail has been compromised. Follow the steps below to spot suspicious activity and get back in your account.

Step 1: Sign into your Google Account

To secure your account, go to step 2. To secure a different account, sign in.

If you can't sign in

Go to the account restoration page and answer as many questions as you can. These tips can be of assistance.

If you need to recover your account, please use the page for account recovery

  • Someone has changed your account information, such as your password or recovery number.
  • Someone deleted your account.
  • For any other reason, you can't sign up.

Tip - To ensure you are logging in to the correct account, recover your username.

Step 2: Check activity and help secure your hacked Google Account

Check your account activity


Check out which devices are used to access your account


Step 3: Continue to increase your security measures

2. Step Verification


Contact your bank and local authorities


Be sure to remove any harmful software


Use a safer browser


Password Alert helps you prevent password theft


Secure your apps and devices


Secure other Google products that you use


Check if your Google Account was hacked

These signs could indicate that someone is using your Google Account.

Important: Change your password immediately if you suspect that someone else has signed in to Google Account.

  • If you haven't already changed it, your Google Account
  • Sites and apps:
    • Use the same password that you used to sign up for your Google Account
    • You can be reached via your Google Account email address
    • Sign in using your Google Account email address
    • Where have you saved passwords to your Google Account

Then you can check for and delete any unidentified devices that are signed in to your account.

Suspicious account activity

Unfamiliar modifications to critical security settings


Unauthorized financial activity


Notifications of unusual activity


How to Get Access or Recover Gmail Hacked Account?

You are worried your Gmail account will be hacked, so you are not getting back access to your account. Therefore, you are looking to attain back access, but you don’t understand How to Recover Hacked Gmail Account? So, here you will get the stepwise ways by which you can quickly get access to your Gmail account. To get this, you must pursue the steps given below in this article. 


Through phone number: 


  1. Navigate Google on your search engine

  2. Open the Gmail account login page and try to log in by entering the email address and password.

  3. And try to sign in. and click on “forget a password.”

  4. Further, on the next page, you will see the option to recover your account back

  5. Click on the tab “get a link to a phone number to change the password.”

  6. After that, go to the message box and click on the link. 

  7. Set a new password. Verify it and. You will get your account back. 


Via email:


  • The same goes for the login page. Enter the email and password and tap on the tab “forget the password.”

  • Further, you have to click on the enter another email to get the password link.

  • Then, go to the mailbox and click on mail and click on the link to set a new password.

  • Set the password and verify it. And you will get access to your Gmail account again.


Hence, by these methods, you can quickly recover your Gmail account and, if you further interact issues, contact the support person and request assistance from them to solves your conflicts.